Gallery: Spiritual Traditions

Because the artists at Earthsongs believe that art of its very nature has a spiritual dimension, all of the work done here is in some way “sacred work”. Beyond that, some of the work created at the studio employs obvious spiritual imagery. What follows are some of the pieces completed in that spirit at Earthsongs Studio.

Canticle of the Creatures Tile Series

This series of 12 roughly 8″ x 8″ ceramic tiles present St. Francis’ great song of creation, his “Earth Song”! It is a hymn of praise from all the universe. This Canticle Series includes Brother Sun / Sister Moon, Brother Wind and the weathers, Sister Earth and all her flowers and herbs, Sister Water and Brother Fire, those who give pardon*** and the artist has included (since she believes Francis forgot!) a pair of tiles inviting “All furred and finned and feathered ones” to praise the Lord!”

These tiles can be purchased singly, in pairs or as a complete set. They can be permanently installed as in a backsplash or bath area or hung as movable pieces. They can enhance both indoor and outdoor spaces.


$60 per tile
$115 per pair
$690 complete set