Gallery: Soft Slab Sculpture

This body of work is the most recent purely sculptural direction at Earthsongs. This way of working reveals that clay is not merely the material that I use, but a genuine co-creator of the objects. It is a relational experience that is extremely important to what I do and how I create. I stand as creature with creature in this making process. My current work allows me to continue that dialogue with the ceramic medium. At this point, my creations are really about my relationship with clay, the act of co-creation that working with this unique material has become for me. It is highly associative to today’s growing awareness of the Earth as a living entity, of the reality of Gaia and our connection to her. My work now is not so much about this or that, but the dance that work with this partner has become.

The figurative work is the newest; there will be additions to this series in the near future.

These pieces are genuinely one-of-a-kind, and since they are the newest series, many are available for purchase. Contact for pricing.