Gallery: Permanent Installations

“Community Mural” Capital Health Hospital

“COMMUNITY”, the two 6’d. mandala murals completed for the new Capital Health Hospital and installed in September, 2011, are among the largest permanent installations created by the studio. Requiring three years, from initial application to final installation, the project required not only collaborative work with Kent Designs, the environmental design firm overseeing this aspect of the new building, but much research to develop historically accurate content and planning to get the work from concept to reality in the time frame needed. Actual fabrication required more than year.

Since the work is located on a free standing wall in the dining area, it is open to the public and available for viewing at your convenience. The new hospital is located in Pennington, NJ just off the Scotch Rd exit 3N on I-95.

Earlier Work

These two very large murals were completed in the 1990’s, the first for the Franciscan Hospital System’s home office. That building currently is part of the campus of Neuman University, Aston, PA and is used by the university. The other is in the Center for New Life, a retreat center in Childs, MD.

Eliah’s Promise

Beginning in September, 2006, Linda worked with two other ceramic artists, Abby Hoffman of North Brunswick and Peter Davis of NYC, to design a series of four permanently installed murals on the exterior of the new Administration Building/Culinary School of Elijah’s Promise. Installed during the summer of 2007, the official dedication took place during the Promise Harvest Festival, October, 17, 2007.