Gallery: One-of-a-Kind Tiles

The following images give a sense of the variety of approaches I use when creating tiles. Some are the traditional square tile; others employ a very free shape. My imagery is constantly evolving.  My most recent tiles are “gestural”:  “The Ocean” and “Homage to Helen Frankenthaler” are examples of that.

One direction that continues to be part of the gallery is the “House Blessing”. There are a variety of those here from which to choose.

The “Welcome Baby” tile can be personalized to include name of child and significant family members.

*The Quest Tiles(These can be done as large as 15″ x 19″, at $150 each) Originally created a number of years ago as a pen & ink drawing – was popular when I first did the drawing, and since then, I have been asked to reproduce it again and again in a variety of formats.


5″ tiles $25 small house number tiles are this size 
8″ tiles $60 large house tiles are this size 
10″ tiles $75
12″ tiles $100