Gallery: Mandalas

My work in ceramics for more than 20 years has included an exploration of a round wall form I initially called a “rondo”. After lots of study and other connections, I have come to see them associated with the round images in native traditions worldwide.

From the Mayan Calendars to the mandalas of Eastern traditions, to medieval rose windows and tondo paintings of the Italian Renaissance, the German distalfinks on barns and houses and Native American sand painting. In all of these there is a strong connection to the spiritual and an association with healing, which connects well with my work.


All of the above designs can be ordered in the desired size and take 6 to 8 weeks to be shipped. Mandalas can also be custom designed. The artist is very willing to work with a client to develop a site-specific piece of work, either for permanent installation or as a free-hanging sculpture. All mandalas–unless specifically requested for permanent installation– are wired and ready for hanging. As with all works from Earthsongs, mandalas can enhance both an indoor and an outdoor space.

8″ mandala $125 / custom order $175 3lbs  
18″ mandala $300 / custom order $400 8lbs  
24″ mandala $500 / custom order $600 20lbs  
36″ mandala $1,000 / custom order $2,200 50 – 60lbs  

*These are sectioned, reassembled and mounted on backerboard.