Gallery: Large Wall Sculpture

Earthsongs has created sculptural works for both corporate and residential spaces. Most of this kind of work is custom designed, but some pieces are currently available. Contact the Studio for pricing on specific pieces.

The Home Temple series was structured loosely around the seasons and the concept of the meaning of ‘home’. Most are sold; some are still available. Contact me for more information.

The Veiled Women series, evolving from experiences following 9/11, is a group of 12 double tiles that speak to the various ways women have been ‘veiled’ through nearly every culture and time period.

Medical Spa, Bloomfield, NJ
Having seen the sculpture exhibited in Montclair, the owner of a medical spa in nearby Bloomfield, requested that I create a series of site-specific pieces for each of the rooms of his newly-renovated medical spa. A water theme evolved in the waiting room. Another patient area became home to a porcelain triptych, and the Administrator’s Office is now enhanced with a ceramic and mixed-media triptych designed to interact visually with the products displayed there.

Taking Time Apart is my newest sculptural series.  These are works for the wall.  The series is ongoing.  I will appreciate anyone who can offer me old clocks or watches to incorporate into the work.