Earthsongs Studio, established by Linda Vonderschmidt-LaStella and Nino Pasquale LaStella in 1993, is located in the heart of a small town, Metuchen, NJ. The couple’s desire was to create both a working studio and an oasis of peace in the midst of the frenzy of life in Central New Jersey. They distinctively painted their 80 year-old house and garage, planted gardens and constructed a pond to attract visitors even before they got to the studio.

“My work, whatever the imagery, is really about connecting with the earth. I believe the medium of clay of its very nature does that. The very studio name is organic to the work and my own heritage. Both my father’s mother and my mother’s father were amateur musicians and writers of songs. It seems only natural that my art would create “songs in clay ”.

For me, clay is not merely “ the material that I use”, but a genuine co-creator of the objects.Working with clay is a relational experience that is extremely important to what I do and how I create. I stand as creature with creature in this making process in a very collaborative and feminine approach.

What’s more, I see my current work related to the very earliest forms that we call “art”, objects that are a functional and beautiful part of ordinary life, work that enlivens a space and in the more recent traditions of Tiffany, the Arts & Crafts movement and Frank Lloyd Wright.Because of that, my moveable ceramic tiles and murals as well as ceramic sculpture for permanent installation are often designed in partnership with homeowners and those developing corporate and public spaces.”